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Four Lessons From Hanging Out With Google Glass

by Stephen Waddington| August 29, 2013

I caught up with Ketchum’s Ben Foster via a Google Hangout earlier this week. He’s a senior member of our US digital team and a teacher at DePaul University, Chicago. Foster has been trialling Google Glass for the last month or so, after making a pitch to be part of the #IfIHadGlass project. We talked […]

Facebook Makes Big Changes to Promotion Rules

by Danny Whatmough| August 28, 2013

Facebook has announced major changes that make it far easier to run competitions and promotions on Facebook Pages. In the past, it has been necessary to run all competitions on Facebook through an app. These latest changes make it possible for brands to run competitions directly on a Page’s timeline.

5 Takeaways From Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Update

by Danny Whatmough| August 7, 2013

Earlier this week, Facebook revealed changes to the algorithm it uses to determine which stories appear in a user’s News Feed. This was an interesting development for a number of reasons. Here are my five takeaways and learnings for brands:

Why Co-creation is the Next Big Digital PR Trend

by Danny Whatmough| August 7, 2013

Whether it’s a leading consumer brand employing a celebrity as creative director or a major B2B tech firm collaborating with a psychologist on a best practice guide, co-creation is a bandwagon that the world’s leading brands are rapidly jumping onto. Co-creation is the process by which a brand partners with an ‘influencer’ and they then […]