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The Future of Multi-sensory Marketing: Tapping into Our Five Senses

by Debra Forman| May 26, 2016

Our senses are what connect us to the world. They are the tools we use to pick up cues, trigger an emotion and make decisions. As a lover of all things unique, I am conscious of the ways I use all of my senses to understand the world around me—and how brands are tapping in […]

The Field Guide to Online Influencers

by Jim Lin| May 23, 2016

The CMO Club regularly brings marketing executives together in a forum that encourages knowledge exchange and networking. I had the pleasure of attending the 8th annual CMO Club Summit in New York City where I led a roundtable discussion about the ever-evolving ecosystem of influencers and bloggers in today’s marketing landscape. Participants asked questions and […]

Rules of Engagement for PR Disruption

by Susan Butenhoff| May 19, 2016

More than 11,000 people and 650 startups recently attended the Collision Conference in New Orleans, making it the fastest growing tech conference in the U.S. A standing room only audience attended the Marketing Stage panel, “Using PR Disruption to Break through the Clutter,” moderated by our Marcus Peterzell, EVP of Entertainment, Ketchum Sports and Entertainment. […]