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5 Tips for Blogger Engagement

by Jasmine Lyons| April 16, 2012

Blogger outreach might seem like PR 101 but there’s been a recent wave of criticism about PR people happening across the blogosphere – from receiving mass emails to misleading pitches – bloggers are reaching their breaking point. So before you hit ‘send’ on your next pitch, check out these 5 tips for blogger engagement and […]

How To Stay Buttoned Up With Social Media Buttons

by Alan Danzis| April 12, 2012

Recognize all of those logos? You probably see most of them on any brand or product page you visit on a regular basis. Of course you do—it’s a great way to drive attention to your webpage. But have you started to see buttons for Google+, Pinterest and Foursquare? And how about the “Healthy” button? If […]

Winning the Turf War

by Alicia Mistry| April 11, 2012

As 21st century consumers with more money in our back pockets (though it might feel the reverse), we all like to ‘own’ things. Whether it’s owning our own cars, own houses or own gadgets, ownership has given us a sense of purpose. That is until now. The economic recession has forced a rethink of the […]

Facebook Buys Instagram for $1 Billion

by Nancy Martira| April 10, 2012

There is nothing quite like a billion-dollar price tag to make you say, “I told you so.” In this case, I’m feeling pretty self-congratulatory after beating the drum for months and months saying, “So, this Instagram is a pretty big deal.” After weeks of speculation, it was announced yesterday on Facebook and on the official […]