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The Ghost in the Machine: Thinking About Death at SXSW

by Nancy Martira| March 20, 2012

SXSW is, among other things, an exercise in standing in lines.  And standing in lines is an excellent time to contemplate your own mortality, particularly if you are me and if your socks are wet (I am and they were.)  So, I had the perfect mindset to attend the Digital Immortals Panel. This panel, the […]

SXSW: Journalists Explore Storytelling Beyond Words, What Does it Mean for PR Pros?

by Editor| March 13, 2012

When asked by friends and family to describe what it is I do for a living (a topic my colleague Brian Regan covered beautifully recently) I often result to explaining PR as the art of storytelling. We work to both tell the stories of our clients as well as to get others to tell them on our […]

A Trip to Google Village

by Kate Matlock| March 13, 2012

Google has taken over Rainey Street in Austin. It’s just a short ten minute walk from the Convention Center. No doubt, if you’ve been following the SXSW hash tag on Twitter, you would have noticed that the big conversation has been all about the weather. So you can imagine the delight from Ketchum’s London team […]