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Live from MWC: Would You Like Fries with That Smartphone?

by Patrick Foarde| February 27, 2013

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is larger than life, vibrant, boisterous and multi-faceted.  The new venue at Fira Gran Via boasts eight major halls and several smaller mini-halls. MWC represents every imaginable aspect of the mobile industry, from the “shiny shiny” new smartphones, tablets and hybrid “phablets” to deep tech infrastructure to front-, middle- and back-end […]

How Pinterest is Helping Improve Mental Health

by Sarah Unger| February 15, 2013

It’s safe to say that in 2013, Pinterest is a “must-do” for many brands looking to actively expand their presence online, especially with an e-commerce platform. So as PR folks, it’s definitely on our radar. But as a communication mechanism, Pinterest can also meet other ends – a form of self-expression, a catalogue of moods, […]

Online Marketing in 2013

by Katherine Watier Ong| February 11, 2013

While our online experience as Americans began to be personalized in 2008, in this next year the level of personalization will not only be more prevalent, but even more personalized. As marketers we cannot assume that our old school tactics will sufficiently break through cutting edge personalization filters. As I heard Avinash Kaushik share with […]

A Six-Second Revolution: 10 Ways to Use Twitter’s Vine

by Stephen Waddington| February 8, 2013

Twitter introduced a video service recently called Vine. It enables you to create a six second video and share it with your social network. It has huge potential as a means of storytelling for communication, marketing and public relations. Brands such as Gap, The Daily Beast, NBC News and Urban Outfitters have been quick to […]