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Four “Be”s to Boost Your Personal Brand

by Serena Cohen| November 25, 2014

Both social and digital have become vital components of any successful brand communications campaign. A company would have to be equally uninterested in growth and reputation to ignore their online presence in today’s technological age. Yet, as a recruiter, I often find that young professionals entering the workforce are ignoring their own personal brands online. […]

Does Data Improve PR Creativity?

by Rob Flaherty| November 19, 2014

Rob Flaherty, our Chief Executive Officer & President, recently sat down for a Q&A with U.K.-based magazine PR Moment to discuss how research and data can improve the creative process. As Seen in PR Moment… The relationship between creativity and data in public relations is an interesting one. Data analytics is improving the effectiveness of […]

Breaking the Sound Barrier

by Marcus Peterzell| November 17, 2014

2014 has been another explosive year for music and brands. During this year’s Advertising Week, the Ketchum Sounds team assembled the best of music industry thought leaders to participate in a panel on how to effectively use communications to breakthrough with music! I moderated a panel comprised of some phenomenal industry luminaries including Marcie Allen […]

Metaphor Update: Client Directors As DJs?

by David Gallagher| November 10, 2014

Communicators are fond of metaphors, especially musical metaphors that appeal to our artistic and cultural aspirations. And for PR people of a certain age (those who have actually used a fax machine, for example), the musical metaphor of choice for multitasking client directors has been the orchestra conductor. Elegant, masterful and in supreme control of […]

Blurred Lines: 4 Insights on the Evolution of PR & Advertising

by Samantha Stark| November 6, 2014

My first “real” job was at an advertising agency. It was a crash course in big personalities and the value of insight-driven campaign planning. We were small enough of a shop that I got to regularly work closely with the creative teams on campaign development. My degree also happens to be in advertising and promotion, […]

Top 7 Myths in Public Relations

by Shawn Paul Wood| November 5, 2014

As Seen In PRNews… Public relations can be a simple industry for many who choose to consider it as such: You get a client, call the media, tell their story, go home. At least, that’s the going thought out there. For those of us who do this every day, we know that’s not the case. […]