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Award-Winning Artist Sadie Lee Headlines Art@Ketchum Pleon

by Anastasia Ivanova| August 30, 2012

Ketchum Pleon London’s reception area, turned into an art gallery in 2009 to inspire creativity of its employees and support the local artistic community, proudly unveils “Transformers” this week: an exhibition of powerful portraits by award-winning artist Sadie Lee. If you are in London tonight, come over for the “meet the artist” event hosted by […]

Let’s Be Social at Work

by Noam Farago| August 9, 2012

This post was written by Phyllis Fair, Communications Advisor, FedEx Services and originally appeared on the FedEx Blog (client). No, I’m not talking about hosting an ice cream or pizza get together in the breakroom. Even though an ice cream sundae with strawberries, chocolate and whip cream does sound good. Excuse me, I digress. Nor […]

The 9 to 5 Job is Dead – 24/7 is Here to Stay

by Robert Burnside| August 6, 2012

To be honest, I never thought I’d write a post like this. I’ve been a strong advocate of work life balance, measuring the minutes spent on each and loudly proclaiming the sacredness of personal time away from work… BUT… reality, as it often does, has intruded on my wishful thinking. Your and my reality, thanks […]

Today, Consumers Want an App a Day, Not an Apple a Day for Health and Wellness

by Leslie Schrader| August 3, 2012

It is no mystery that technology is integral to every part of our lives and it is no different with regards to health. The interesting thing is, as we look into what people are doing to achieve their health and wellness aspirations, they are relying more and more on technology and seemingly less and less […]

The Social Business Revolution is Upon Us

by Noam Farago| August 2, 2012

Can you remember what life was like before you discovered social media? It’s hard to believe how much of an impact something that I first began using only five years ago has made on the lives of billions of people. This new type of media has influenced so many aspects our society, including the way […]