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What Can We Learn From the Old Spice Guy?

by Alan Danzis| July 30, 2010

About two weeks ago, Old Spice’s advertising partner, Wieden + Kennedy, had a brilliant idea: have the star of their commercials, Isaiah Mustafa, aka “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like,” personally thank people online for their comments about his videos. Some ranged from celebrities like Alyssa Milano, some included media outlets, and others had […]

Take Notice! A Play About Teenagers With No Mention of the F-Word (Facebook)

by Adrianna Giuliani| July 30, 2010

Recently I was in a meeting where someone was talking about “Millennials” and said the following: “With teenagers today, if they don’t share it on Facebook, it didn’t happen.” I thought to myself, if they really believe this and inadvertently forget to bring a camera to their child’s birthday party, they could be paying for […]

The Retail World Is Flatter Than Ever

by Barri Rafferty| July 21, 2010

I love to people-watch and walk a city observing the culture. After recently visiting Madrid, what I see has become much more similar to what I see in the U.S. The phones, fashions and cosmetics and even the size of cars are becoming more and more similar. Sue Whitely, U.K. managing director of Louis Vuitton, was quoted in LS:N […]

The Culturalist

by Hal Walker| July 13, 2010

Could the Apple be rotten? This week, Consumer Reports announced that it does not recommend the already popular iPhone 4 due to antenna design flaws that result in dropped calls. The Culturalist predicts a fix faster than you can say BP oil spill. Moving from smart phone screens to flat screens, the Culturalist recommends tonight’s […]