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The Culturalist

by Hal Walker| June 29, 2010

As the temperature hit heat hotter than the pizza ovens at Keste, the Culturalist discovered some extraordinary heat in Times Square this past weekend. New York’s hottest megastore, a 90,000 square foot branch of retailer Forever 21, opened to thousands of shoppers in Virgin Records former quarters. With a décor that looks like Versailles on […]

Word of Mouth Marketing Association Conference 2010

by Joe Becker| June 22, 2010

A group report from Joe Becker along with Ben Foster, Ketchum Vice President and Digital Strategist, and Stephanie Miller, Ketchum Social Media Specialist. The 2010 Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) School of WOM was recently held in Chicago, and the social media community has been buzzing about trends, key learnings and the most-talked-about tweets. […]

The Culturalist

by Adrianna Giuliani| June 18, 2010

Our CulturaLUST of the week is Jonah Hill for being able to pull off two comedic rolls this weekend — one on the lighter side in  Get Him to the Greek as Russell Brand’s well-meaning sidekick the other on the darker side in Cyrus as a jealous son weary of his mother’s suitor. We hope […]

Bustin Jieber and Musing on Our Teen Influencer Study With myYearbook

by Adrianna Giuliani| June 14, 2010

Teen culture moves faster than you can say “Why would Chase Crawford pull out of the remake of Footloose?“. One day we read that they aren’t interested in Twitter, and the next month they’re making “Bustin Jieber” a trending topic to mess with the social media site’s new algorithm where sustained chatter on a given […]

The Culturalist

by Barri Rafferty| June 10, 2010

In this corner of the blog I’ll also be sharing Ketchum’s The Culturalist – our bimonthly trends newsletter that discusses the people, places and ideas that are on our cultural radar. It’s the only place where you’ll find banter about  cheeseburger vending machines and why boxed water might be hitting your local supermarkets all under […]


by Barri Rafferty| June 2, 2010

I have been lobbying for Ketchum to launch a blog and volunteered to oversee the Culture and Trends section. In a recent staff meeting, I discussed the need for all of us to have more courage to experiment and innovate and present clients with new ideas in unique ways. In my entire career as a […]