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Checkmate: Five Parallels Between Chess and PR

by Brad Simon| December 27, 2016

Over the holidays, I tend to think about chess more than any other time of year. The nostalgia of playing (and losing to) my father, or watching my grandfather and uncle joust over steaming cups of Bustello as a child. This year, I decided to teach my six-year-old how to play… sort of. He recently […]

Trends 2017: The New Normal Is That There Isn’t One

by Rob Flaherty| December 19, 2016

It’s human nature to expect things to stay the same – it’s how our brains cope with complexity. But 2016 showed how faulty that assumption can be, with shift after tectonic shift in how the world is. And not just in the political sphere. The world saw transformational change taking place in sectors as diverse […]

Talking Workplace by Facebook with Michelle Mahony

by Michelle Mahony| December 6, 2016

Michelle Mahony, SVP, Director at Ketchum Change, was recently a guest on ICology—a podcast about interesting people, doing interesting things in the world of internal communications—to discuss Workplace, Facebook’s new internal social networking tool for corporations. In her conversation with Chuck Gose, she talks candidly about the benefits of Workplace, why it is more than […]