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Maybe We Need to Call It ThanksShowing?

by Mike Doyle| November 25, 2015

I was on a flight earlier this week and watched a man give up his seat in first class to a mother with her infant. As he graciously joined the rest of us back in coach, he probably noticed, like I did, the many passengers flipping through magazines with big turkeys on their covers heralding […]

Celebrating the Success of Ketchum’s Partner Room to Read

by Rob Flaherty| November 16, 2015

Room to Read set a bold goal fifteen years ago, at its inception, to reach 10 million children with its literacy and girls’ education programs by 2020. Ketchum CEO, Rob Flaherty and his wife Tammy joined the Room to Read founders and several donors at a ceremony outside Siem Reap, Cambodia to celebrate this major […]

Winning By Giving

by Katie Michel| November 6, 2015

As a member of Ketchum’s Sustainability and Social Impact Practice, nothing gives me more pride than the fact that Ketchum embodies the counsel we provide to our clients. Which is why there is no better month than September, Ketchum’s annual month of service: Ketchum’s Social Responsibility (KSR) Month. This year over 1,200 colleagues from 36 […]

When You Think the Best of Others, You Get the Best From Others

by Mindy Rubinstein| November 3, 2015

Ever notice that when you’re with friends who think you’re clever, you become markedly more clever, with blog-worthy commentary and sharp-witted comebacks effortlessly tumbling from mind to mouth? You might even think, “Who knew I was so clever!” But then when you’re with someone who questions your talent and abilities, your confidence deflates—doubt creeps in […]