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Managing the Right Impact for CSR Programs

by Ajay Sharma| November 10, 2011

Last week, when I met one of India’s largest business groups to discuss a public relations program, the leading question was how to build higher impact for the company’s corporate social responsibility program. Admittedly, CSR now enters the discussion on public relations planning in India more frequently than it did five years ago. Yet what […]

Time to Refocus on Reputation

by Simeon Mellalieu| November 8, 2011

I think we’ve let ourselves get distracted over the past couple of years by the digital bandwagon. We’ve got all of these new communications channels all around us that promise so much. But what has really changed? Regardless of whether you are broadcasting on Facebook, Sina Weibo or YouTube, we still have our target audiences […]

Owning a Mistake Can Protect a Brand and Make Consumers Happy

by Ryan Shell| November 3, 2011

Have you ever sent an e-mail to the wrong person? Have you ever sent an e-mail to the right contact, but forgot to change the name from the last time you copied and pasted the e-mail (PR 101 mistake)? For the community managers out there, how about sending a tweet from the wrong account? Ouch! […]