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Even Seasoned PR People Need Feedback. Ask For It.

by David Gallagher| April 25, 2014

Every high-performance professional, such as athletes, dancers and actors, knows that the single most important aspect of their success is feedback. Feedback is information about the past or present that will influence the future. Without it, we’re left guessing about how to improve, or falsely confident about what’s actually working. Olympians get it from professional coaches. Oscar-winning […]

IBM Spotlights Social and Digital Organizations

by Stephen Waddington| April 9, 2014

The narrative of public relations, marketing and sales professionals over the last five years has been a shift towards using new forms of media and devices to engage with customers and prospects in two-way relationships. This is a move towards becoming a so-called “open business,” or social business, where customers and prospects are no longer […]