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(K)No(w) Limits: Why Constraints Unlock Creativity

by Drew Ferguson| September 30, 2020

Restrictions like social distancing, remote working and sheltering in place have placed huge constraints on people and brands for much of 2020—cancelling vacations and weddings, radically changing the scale and scope of events, ceremonies and trade shows. But instead of planning to make 2021 a do-over of these miserable last few months, maybe we’d all […]

COVID-19 Widens Tech Gap, Based on Age and Income

by Melissa Kinch and Lisa Sullivan| September 24, 2020

Technology was supposed to be the great equalizer, hurdling societal and economic barriers to level the information playing field for all the world’s citizens. That premise has been in doubt for a while, however. And the global COVID-19 pandemic appears to be exposing ways that technology is deepening, not bridging, our world’s inequity gaps. The […]

The COVID Vaccine and the Case for Responsible Communications

by Con Franklin| September 22, 2020

The world-renowned Canadian immunologist Professor Sir John Bell has consistently been one of the most informative, illuminating voices in media interviews about the status of research and development toward a mass-scale COVID vaccine. In the face of difficult journalist questions—”Why not sooner?” “Why is it taking so long?”—he has often provided calm, dispassionate explanations around […]