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Addressing COVID Burnout in Financial and Professional Services - Woman experiencing stress at work

Addressing COVID Burnout in Financial and Professional Services

by Becca Cooper| April 29, 2021

As the world passed the milestone of one year in the pandemic, the business community has faced a new employee engagement challenge: pandemic burnout. In the last few months, the financial and professional services industries have reckoned with employee stories of overwork, exhaustion and even abuse. In response, companies are offering incentives like bonuses, trips, […]

What Does Healthcare’s Future Look Like Post-COVID-19_ - illustration of medical symbols intertwined

What Does Healthcare’s Future Look Like Post-COVID-19?

by Anya Kotova| April 28, 2021

To predict the future of healthcare in the U.S., let’s start with its past. The modern centralized healthcare system arguably originated following the 1918 influenza pandemic, which changed the way healthcare was provided around the world. The crowd-driven nature of influenza forced us to rethink the way we cared for people. It moved us away […]

Street sign - Dear London, creativity is a way of dreaming. Let's keep on dreaming

How Lockdown Changed Everything I Thought I Knew About Creativity

by Emily Gosen| April 14, 2021

Ever since I started working, I’ve always had this (some may say irrational) fear that one day I’ll just wake up and stop being creative. Run out of ideas. And basically, not be able to do my job. I know this is highly unlikely, but bear with me. A little over a year ago we […]