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Public Relations and the Democratization of Popular Culture

by Editor| September 30, 2013

Popularity can be a confounding measuring stick. Consider common catch-phrases used to describe things that are notable, talked-about and desirable: The top download on iTunes; The number-one movie in the country; A New York Times best seller; The most tweeted meme; The season’s hottest color; The most popular girl in school. Each suggests some level of […]

Affording Creativity: Change Your Definition

by Brian Keenan| September 16, 2013

I work with ideas all day. I see their genesis, appreciate their value and applaud their implementation. I also believe they should be paid for, despite a climate that favors paying only for implementation and not conceptualization. Not “affording” idea development, I contend, is short-term thinking. In fact, paying for ideas is how to stay […]

Creativity Sparks: The Anti-vacuum Approach to Break Through Creative

by Danny Whatmough| September 2, 2013

When it comes to thinking about creativity, my mind often lands on this truth: nothing is original, everything is unique. All that we create is in some way based on another idea that inspired us; the fire resulting from some igniting spark. We certainly don’t create in a vacuum.  Yet everything we create is inherently different […]