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Social Commerce in 2021

Social Commerce in 2021: East Meets West

by Simeon Mellalieu| December 17, 2020

I made a prediction recently in Ketchum’s 2021 Social, Influencer Marketing + Analytics Trends Report, that the year ahead will see social commerce come of age. This idea was partly based on accelerated demand for e-commerce and social media content born out of coronavirus lockdowns around the world. But, it also recognizes the increasing prevalence […]

asian pacific american heritage month

APAHM: My Immigrant Mother’s Perspective on Life as an Asian American

by Kelly Quach| May 29, 2019

I believe above all else, communicators are storytellers—whether that’s developing strategic, data-driven, insights and sound crisis counseling, or new creative ideas designed to push boundaries and products to market. And as individual practitioners, I also believe that our personal backgrounds are one of the most important elements that influence the way we tell stories. What […]

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Coming Soon: 12th months of Cyber Monday

by Simeon Mellalieu| November 21, 2018

How the expanding world of e-commerce shopping festivals is changing the global retail landscape. November has long been a critical month in the retail calendar. Now, thanks to global inventiveness and e-commerce, the November shopping frenzy is being reinvented, amplified and replicated to deliver an online retail shopping festival for every month of the year […]

Can Women Be Too Successful To Find A Mate?

Can Women Be Too Successful To Find A Mate?

by Barri Rafferty| October 1, 2013

The greatest obstacle for women reaching top positions seems to have a cultural basis and apply differently depending on where you live in the world. In a recent trip to the Summer Davos World Economic Forum conference in Dalian, I heard a presentation in which the Director of Women’s Studies at the Institute of China, […]

“Summer Davos:” The Next Connected Billion and 7 other Insights

“Summer Davos:” The Next Connected Billion and 7 other Insights

by | September 17, 2013

As Asia’s foremost global business conference, the 7th “Summer Davos” of the World Economic Forum in Dalian offered valuable insights into China’s way forward, the new leadership’s economic policies and a sneak preview of trends that will have an impact on our business and our clients.

The Universal Truths: Visiting Ketchum’s China Offices

The Universal Truths: Visiting Ketchum’s China Offices

by Barri Rafferty| September 11, 2013

I will admit for someone who often travels I was a bit nervous preparing for my visit to China. However, after being on the ground in Beijing for 3 days and now heading to Dalian for the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of the New Champions, I can honestly say there was no need to […]