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National Political Conventions as a Communications Platform

by Laura Wilkinson| September 7, 2012

When Democrats gathered this week in Charlotte, their main objective was to set a strong platform for President Obama to officially launch his reelection campaign. The DNC’s 2012 Convention featured a full schedule of speeches, events and policy briefings to showcase the Obama Administration’s record on important issues, such as the economy, energy and healthcare, […]

4 Manifestations of Politics Going Social

by KayAnn Schoeneman| September 3, 2012

Ketchum was on the ground at last week’s Republican National Convention, reporting on how its digital advances can benefit our clients.  Read on for 4 key takeaways. The Democratization of Influence:  Using Social Media to Share Corporate and Political Messages Given the maturation we’ve seen in social media since the 2008 election cycle, 2012 is […]