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Communications Lessons from the Empowered Healthcare Consumer

by Mike Taylor and Danielle Klooth| August 16, 2017

Healthcare spending has comprised a very large and growing portion of the U.S. economy for decades, and healthcare policy is a constant in the national media dialogue. At the same time, even with those two fundamentals remaining largely unchanged, there is a massive shift taking place where consumers, driven by Millennials and GenZ (and GenZennials), […]

Forget a Successful Career. Invest in a Successful Life.

by Saskia Wallner| August 11, 2017

I recently had the pleasure of giving the commencement speech at Modul University in Vienna. In my remarks I shared three principles, which have either knowingly or unknowingly forged my career and life. I hope they resonate with both recent graduates entering the workforce, and any professional looking to invest in both their professional and […]