Posts:August 2017, Culture and Trends Leading Through Turbulent Times

by Jo-ann Robertson| August 18, 2017

Political uncertainty leads to economic uncertainty, which, in turn, leads to business uncertainty as people fear for their job security and the future success of their company. What people want, and need, during tough times is strong leadership.

A Pilot’s Guide to Conference Calls

by RP Kumar| August 9, 2017

I’ve been on a couple of conference calls recently that were great reminders of everything that’s challenging about these valuable, yet inescapable, staples of office life. They also reminded the pilot in me of what we can all do to make conference calls more productive.

ColorComm 2017: Earning Our Seat at the Table

by Sharon Jones| August 3, 2017

Feeling a sense of belonging at this years’ Annual ColorComm Conference – Surprise Yourself, allowed us a peek at what a matriarchal society could look and feel like! If you’re not familiar, this conference attracted over 400 women of color (and a few good men) in communications at the mid- and senior-levels. This unique community […]