Posts:August 2017

Using Emotional Intelligence to Take Your Business to New Heights

by Julia Dranov| August 30, 2017

As an organizational effectiveness consultant, I often encounter people at cocktail parties who have never heard of organizational psychology and can’t imagine what it is I do all day. When I begin to explain, a frequent response is to jokingly ask me to come in and help “fix” their company – often referring to misguided […]

Are you a Smarketer?

by Erin Salisbury| August 28, 2017

At a recent industry conference, Joyce Boland, VP of Global Applications Marketing at Oracle, discussed the need for talent in the industry she coined as “smarketers” – people who can bridge the divide between data and marketing to tell the right data stories, and communicate what the numbers mean in an impactful way to key […]

Hard Target: An Employee Behavior Change Approach to Cyber-Security

by Rich Halberg| August 24, 2017

Big or small, publicly held or privately owned, every business is worried it will be the next victim of a cyber-attack. They’re right to be concerned. Hackers launch thousands of attacks each day to gain access to private networks and sensitive data. With the average cost of each successful data breach approaching $4 million, the […]

Your Definition of Micro-Influencer Is Probably Wrong

by Jim Lin| August 23, 2017

Before you roll your eyes at this click-baity title, at least finish reading this sentence, where I predict that when you hear the term micro-influencer, you think “small” influencer who isn’t a mega YouTube star, Instagram celebrity or blogger just yet. If I was right, then the rest of this post will be useful to […]

The Summer Fellow Experience

by Michele Lanza| August 22, 2017

One of the most rewarding parts of my job as the Partner/SVP, Global Talent Acquisition is participating in our Summer Fellows program. I’m always inspired by the bright, talented and creative candidates coming into the communications field. Seeing the Fellows grow over the course of the program is so gratifying. Our 10 weeks together always […] Leading Through Turbulent Times

by Jo-ann Robertson| August 18, 2017

Political uncertainty leads to economic uncertainty, which, in turn, leads to business uncertainty as people fear for their job security and the future success of their company. What people want, and need, during tough times is strong leadership.