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The 4 Biggest Challenges Brands Face on Snapchat: Conquered

by Kelsey Fleury| August 30, 2016

With 100 million users and 400 million snaps a day, it’s no wonder brands are turning to Snapchat to connect with consumers. The social networking platform allows brands to connect and interact with an audience in real-time by posting engaging content. However, with these perks come even greater obstacles. Below are, in my opinion, the […]

How Facebook at Work is Changing the Workplace

by Stephen Waddington| August 16, 2016

We recently rolled out Facebook at Work at Ketchum. The technology is easy; we’re familiar with it already as it mirrors Facebook. Driving adoption, on the other hand, is the far more exciting and challenging piece. I’m not going to tell you Facebook at Work is a silver bullet for internal communication, but it is […]

Oh Snap! Five Ways Brands Can Leverage Instagram Stories

by Brad Simon| August 4, 2016

Instagram dropped a metaphorical vomit rainbow on Snapchat Tuesday with the launch of Instagram Stories, IG’s answer to Snapchat’s wildly popular “self-destructing” photo and video sharing platform. If Picasso were still gracing us with his genius, he might amend his most famous quote to read, “Good artists copy, great artists steal, and the best social […]

Put on a Happy Face

by Thomas Barritt| August 3, 2016

Before the emoji there was the facial expression. And while there’s no denying the emoji is on trend with the global obsession over social media, the facial expression still ranks as the most powerful tool on the planet to convey ideas and emotions and connect a speaker to an audience. I’m paying a lot more […]