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The Business of Politics: How Global Corporations Are Promoting Their Interests At the Republican Convention

by KayAnn Schoeneman| August 29, 2012

Global corporations have traditionally used political conventions as an opportunity to engage and connect with decision makers, political stakeholders and key opinion leaders to promote their business interests, and this year is proving no different. What is different, however, is how they are choosing to engage.  It’s not just about glad-handing and bending the ears […]

BlogHer 2012: Five Ways the “Unexpected” Broke Through

by Kelley Skoloda| August 13, 2012

BlogHer ’12  was full of what we’ve come to know of the annual conference – thousands of bloggers (close to 5,000 this year, mostly women and some men) with hundreds of sponsors in a fun-loving, swag-laden, information-packed forum (this year at the Hilton in NY) that reverberates through the blogosphere for months afterward. As I […]