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Retail and Health Merge as Consumers Seek a One-Stop Shop

Retail and Health Merge as Consumers Seek a One-Stop Shop

by Kathleen Linder and Clark Hare| July 29, 2021

The intersection of retail and health is booming, as the COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a clear demand for retailers to serve as one-stop-shops for essentials including food, household supplies and health needs. The Philips (client) Future Health Index 2021 Report surveyed nearly 3,000 healthcare leaders across 14 countries and found that healthcare leaders expect an average […]

Summer Fellows Program 2021: Truly a Fellowship

Summer Fellows Program 2021: Truly a Fellowship

by Emma Britt| July 29, 2021

When applying and interviewing for Ketchum’s Summer Fellows Program, I was curious about the title “fellow.” After completing eight out of the 10 weeks of the program, the origin of the name is clear. A fellow can be defined as a person in the same position, involved in the same activity, or otherwise associated with […]

Ketchum’s Secret Superpower- Empathy - two paper cut-out figures sharing a single length of twine

Ketchum’s Secret Superpower: Empathy

by Michael O'Brien| July 19, 2021

I have always taken great pride in being a part of the Ketchum family, but never more than the last year. As an agency, we have truly lived our purpose, showing up for each other and our clients to do work that truly matters. The effort, resilience and care Ketchum people displayed daily was inspiring, […]

For Effective Influencer Marketing in Hong Kong, Think Local - photo of camera, phone and perfume bottle

For Effective Influencer Marketing in Hong Kong, Think Local

by Crystal Tang| July 15, 2021

The global pandemic has forced brands to think about how to best utilise their resources to excel in these challenging times. Budgets have to be more considered, and how to engage with stay-at-home/work-from-home consumers also requires deeper thought. All of this has led to a new focus on the way we approach influencer marketing in […]

Cannes Lions 2021- The View from the Jury - Photo of lion looking up

Cannes Lions 2021: The View from the Jury

by Sabine Hückmann| July 13, 2021

As a member of the Cannes Lions 2021 PR Lions jury, I was able to take a close look at some outstanding work that reflects the state of our industry at this strange moment in history. Though I didn’t have the opportunity to travel to Cannes in person, what I learned serving virtually was just […]

The Big 3 in College Sports- Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) - photo of young basketball player about to dunk

The Big 3 in College Sports: Name, Image, Likeness (NIL)

by Megan Garner and Gabrielle Scheder-Bieschin| July 9, 2021

NIL stands for Name, Image, Likeness and refers to the rules that restricted college athletes from profiting off their name, image or likeness due to the emphasis on amateurism set forth by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the major governing body of college sports. As of July 1, these rules have changed, creating implications for […]