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Is PR A Globalized Business?

by David Gallagher| July 30, 2012

Maybe it’s the fluttering Olympic flags around our East London offices, or my increasing obsession with what’s trending internationally on Twitter (right now, two different hash tags on Justin Bieber), or perhaps it’s simply the fact that I’m actually paid to do so, but I’ve been giving some thought to the globalization of the PR […]

Talking Isn’t Writing (Part One)

by Bill Delaney| July 11, 2012

Talking isn’t writing. Obviously. One comes out of your mouth, the other flows (assuming you’re on your game as a writer) from your fingers. Even the regions of the brain that control talking and writing differ. We read with the visual cortex, which is toward the back of that two and a half pounds of […]

Our Opportunity and Responsibility

by Rob Flaherty| July 5, 2012

Following the agency’s recent announcement about our leadership transition, Ray Kotcher and I had the opportunity to address our Ketchum colleagues via a virtual agency-wide staff meeting. As you can imagine, we were asked several interesting questions, including “What will be different at Ketchum in 15 years?” The answer I gave was, “Everything but our […]