Posts:May 2016

The Future of Multi-sensory Marketing: Tapping into Our Five Senses

by Debra Forman| May 26, 2016

Our senses are what connect us to the world. They are the tools we use to pick up cues, trigger an emotion and make decisions. As a lover of all things unique, I am conscious of the ways I use all of my senses to understand the world around me—and how brands are tapping in […]

The Field Guide to Online Influencers

by Jim Lin| May 23, 2016

The CMO Club regularly brings marketing executives together in a forum that encourages knowledge exchange and networking. I had the pleasure of attending the 8th annual CMO Club Summit in New York City where I led a roundtable discussion about the ever-evolving ecosystem of influencers and bloggers in today’s marketing landscape. Participants asked questions and […]

Rules of Engagement for PR Disruption

by Susan Butenhoff| May 19, 2016

More than 11,000 people and 650 startups recently attended the Collision Conference in New Orleans, making it the fastest growing tech conference in the U.S. A standing room only audience attended the Marketing Stage panel, “Using PR Disruption to Break through the Clutter,” moderated by our Marcus Peterzell, EVP of Entertainment, Ketchum Sports and Entertainment. […]

What I Learned From 150 CMOs

by Debra Forman| May 17, 2016

The Spring 2016 CMO Club and Inspiration Summit, a two-day gathering of CMOs in New York, was the perfect venue to gain perspective and learn from some of the world’s top marketing leaders. They shared their ideas, concerns, visions and amazing personal stories. But beyond the tremendous shares, there were many intimate and informal mind-melding, […]

Paid Media Makes Earned Work Harder

by Christi Burnum| May 11, 2016

Paid is a four letter word that public relations is increasingly using to its advantage. Paid, until recently a four-letter word in public relations, is bringing an advantage never experienced before: control (click to tweet). For the first time, public relations is not solely reliant on journalists and publishers, or limited by organic reach. Paid […]

Mothers Know Best!

by Amy Romero| May 9, 2016

The most persuasive communicators early in our lives are often our mothers. In honor of Mother’s Day, I compiled some words of wisdom from a collection of my favorite fictional and real life mothers—who have always made me smile and clearly know how to communicate well…