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The Power of Negativity

by Bill Delaney| May 16, 2012

If it bled, it led. I learned that early in my journalism career, producing a local morning show in New York. A heroic rescue of a cat in a tree by a Grandma with a bad left knee in a calico dress? Save it for the kicker, the back end of the show meant to […]

5 Reasons For Agencies To Take Their Own Social Responsibly Seriously

by David Gallagher| May 15, 2012

I’m extremely proud to work for an organization that delivers break through work for clients, but there’s something else that makes me really happy to work for Ketchum: our corporate citizenship program, better known as Ketchum Social Responsibility (KSR). I’m not the only one proud of this program. Our people around the world rally behind […]

Does Reputation Management Have a Reputation Problem?

by Suzanne Sinden| May 10, 2012

At a time when studies reveal trust and confidence in leadership to be in crisis  – and with Trust and Reputation so inextricably linked – many would be forgiven for thinking that we are entering the golden age of reputation management. And they would be absolutely right. Stakeholder perceptions of company behaviour are now proven […]