Posts:May 2011

Déjà Vu All Over Again?

by David Gallagher| May 27, 2011

For the next few weeks, I’m serving as the EMEA guest commentator for the Holmes Report‘s Think Tank blog and sharing my thoughts on a number of timely news issues. In my newest post, I take a look at how the numbers that are being attached to the value of social media expertise are giving […]

Health-E Minds

by Clif Hotvedt| May 26, 2011

Another blog? Isn’t there already enough being said about healthcare on the Internet? Is there a need for Ketchum to extend its external voice to healthcare? We think there is. Certainly there’s no shortage of healthcare news and information on the Internet and our goal isn’t to just echo what’s already “out there.”

Lessons From Ketchum Sampark

by Suheil Merchant| May 12, 2011

The month of April was an exciting high point for everyone in India, and especially for my colleagues and me at what was recently Sampark Public Relations and is now Ketchum Sampark. A momentous event brought together all Indians for a spectacular celebration, and a major merger brought together Sampark Public Relations with Ketchum. Each […]

Positive Deviance: Making the World a Better Place Through Deviance

by Robert Burnside| May 10, 2011

The concept of positive deviance sounds slightly shady, but it’s actually a morally upright idea for how to make the world a better place! The basic idea is that when you want to change the world, don’t look at the great mass of people who need to change and start there; instead look at those most […]

The Opportunity to Break Through

by Ray Kotcher| May 3, 2011

Creativity. When I look back, that’s what I first loved about our industry, and it still thrills me. Finding an idea that’s truly new, fresh, bold. In a business, media, and cultural landscape that’s never been more complex and crowded, innovative thinking is now more important than ever. For me, that’s always been the challenge […]