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The 7 Rs of Influencer Relations

by Scott Guthrie| March 16, 2016

Four years ago this month Brian Solis coined the term “Pillars of Influence” describing it as reach, relevance and resonance. Today, it’s time to add four more pillars. Communicators love grouping themes around words. We love alliteration, too. There are the four Ps, which was expanded into the seven Ps to embrace the nature of […]

March Madness: 5 Slam Dunks for Brands

by Matt Anger| March 14, 2016

The time has arrived for thousands of office pools, bracket challenges and, perhaps most importantly, some incredible basketball. Even the President of the United States takes time to fill out his bracket and watch games. But for marketers, March Madness opens up endless opportunities to showcase their creativity and be disruptive (click to tweet).