Posts:March 2014

How To Become the Next Oreo Without Becoming the Next Oreo

by Jim Lin| March 28, 2014

Thanks to Oreo’s Big Game tweet heard around the world in 2013, social media professionals will never be able to watch a major pop-culture event with their family ever again. Instead, they will be glued to their monitors. Some as lone warriors entrusted with their brand’s reputation for one pivotal night, some as elite members […]

Five Ways To Get My Vote For Your Next Award

by David Gallagher| March 26, 2014

I’ve had the privilege of sitting on or chairing a number of PR awards panels over the years, and while each of them had their own idiosyncrasies, I think most ended up recognizing great work that reflects the power and impact of thoughtful, creative campaigns and programs. That’s not because I was on the jury. […]

Help Contribute Towards Global Education

by Carmen Diaz| March 24, 2014

As you may have heard, we at Ketchum are collaborating with RoomtoRead on a social project that provides access to education for women who live in extremely poor areas. (*client) To support this effort, Ketchum Spain launched a Twitter initiative to contribute this important cause. The dynamic campaign is based on sharing a tweet related to […]

Twitter Turns Eight

by Stephen Waddington| March 21, 2014

Twitter is officially eight-years-old. In the time since its launch, the platform has been adopted by more than 200 million people around the world for news, communication, networking, customer service, research and more. Twitter is a channel in its own right. It has its own dynamic, etiquette and culture. Any organization that is considering adopting […]

Two Essential Needs

by Monica Marshall| March 20, 2014

Water and food are two of the most essential basic needs in life – so important that this week we celebrate World Water Day and next week National Agriculture Day. Yet one in three people still lack access to clean water and nearly a billion people go to bed hungry every night.

Five Digital Communication Trends from SXSW

by Danny Whatmough| March 19, 2014

The problem when something is hyped beyond all recognition is that you expect the impossible. And when it comes to hype, SXSW is right up there. So I went to SXSW for the first time last week with conflicted expectations. On the one hand hoping for a silver bullet that would point the way to […]