Posts:February 2020

Let’s Help Each Other Find Flexibility in a Fast-Paced World

by Barri Rafferty| February 26, 2020

My mom recently underwent laser eye surgery, and I really wanted to be there for her. Once upon a time, I would have had a tough choice: Take the day off and fall behind on work, or arrange for other care, which would have been anxiety-inducing for both of us. But thanks to technology and […]

Audio Joins the Video Stars: Trends and Insights From VidCon London 2020

by Stephen Farrell| February 25, 2020

In 1979, pop band The Buggles released a song entitled Video Killed the Radio Star. Fast–forward to VidCon London 2020, however, and audio is back with a vengeance, with the podcast renaissance leading the charge in this list of digital trends.   Podcasts: The four-day event hosted in London’s docklands had no fewer than nine podcast recordings on the schedule, alongside dedicated talks and workshops. Discussions highlighted how Millennials and Generation Z have driven the podcast resurgence through their appetite […]

The Changing Shape of EU Medical Device Regulation: Why Communications Should be at the Heart

by Con Franklin| February 19, 2020

The arrival of the European Union’s new Medical Device Regulation on 26 May 2020 may seem a dry, impenetrable topic, but it has profound implications for device-led businesses as well as opportunities for the healthcare sector to show leadership. Effective communication strategy is a must.    When is a medical device not a medical device? Or more accurately, when does a consumer […]

Be Your Own Valentine: A Case for Self-Love

by Jocelyn Jackson| February 13, 2020

Each year, Valentine’s Day gets us all thinking about love—romantic love first, followed by the love we show our friends, families, partners, and more. But 2020—the new decade in all its shining glory—asks us to grow, change and evolve. In that spirit, it’s time to talk about loving ourselves.  The concept of self-love isn’t new, but its popularity has increased in recent years. This is likely due to a collective desire to reconnect with ourselves in the face of the stress that […]

Nature, Learning, Sex and Tribes: Top Wellness Trends for 2020

by Bryan deCastro| February 12, 2020

Wellness is a booming sector, which consistently bleeds into more mainstream categories every year. But it’s more than just a business: It’s a state of mind, a way of living, an awareness of the emotional, physical, mental and even sexual relationship we have with ourselves and others. I believe it is the act of being and existing in a state of solutions rather than admiring […]

Communications Training: Better than a Gym Membership

by Tom Barritt| February 6, 2020

Around New Year’s Day, many of us made resolutions to eat right and exercise more often. (Too much champagne and cake can do that to you.) But experts say 20 percent of most resolutions are broken in by the second week of February, which means the odds are good you’ve already stopped heading to the […]