Posts:February 2016

Insights from CERAWeek: A Post-COP21 Landscape

by Paddy Blewer| February 26, 2016

Almost every conversation at this week’s CERAWeek was based on the view that a new chapter has begun for the international energy industry. COP21 and a $30 a barrel oil price has had a profound effect on the energy industry. As communicators, we have to be aware of this new dynamic and re-examine our messaging […]

Facebook Reactions: What You Need to Know

by Amit Wadehra| February 24, 2016

Facebook finally unveiled Facebook Reactions, the expanded Like button reactions, around the world. For the first time, you’ll now be able to react to friends’ posts with something other than a “Thumbs Up.” Testing began in Spain and Ireland late last year and, through that testing, two reactions were deleted: “Yay” and “Confused.” The test […]

Mobile World Congress: From Barcelona with Love

by James Ash| February 24, 2016

The 2016 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is gradually winding down. As the last full day of the show wraps up, executives, media, events teams and communicators are all breathing a collective sigh of relief! This week has been an exhilarating mixture of partner and customer meetings, miles covered between halls, media engagements, early mornings […]

Remembering the Past, & Understanding the Future of Mexico’s Energy Sector

by James Peters and Jorge Acosta Álvarez| February 23, 2016

Yesterday, during his opening remarks at IHS #CERAWeek, Mexico President Enrique Pena Nieto spoke of efforts to continue to implement Mexico’s energy reform legislation despite lower oil prices. With great opportunity there can be great risk, and the dramatic overhaul of Mexico’s energy sector over the past year is shaping up to be one of […]

Five Principles to Improve Your CSR Efforts

by Mindy Rubinstein| February 22, 2016

As we prepared our third CSR Report, which published today, I found myself reflecting on just how far we’ve come since Ketchum embarked on a journey to make a difference in our communities, and  the lessons we’ve learned along the way. It also made me think about what we intend to do in the future […]

The Good Black Hole

by Jon Higgins| February 18, 2016

“It’s a shame when people can’t grasp the infinite—a failure not just of imagination but of simple vision.” —Jess Walter, “Beautiful Ruins” For too long in the business world, the “black hole” has gotten a bad rap. Think about it. When something doesn’t get done, it’s said to have gone down a black hole. Haven’t […]