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Egypt's Uprising Shows Us the "Global Village" Is Here: So What Does This Mean to Us as Communicators . . . and as Individuals?

by Ray Kotcher| February 15, 2011

Marshall McLuhan’s prediction of nearly 50 years ago that we would be living in a Global Village — that the media will create common and shared experiences among everyone on the planet — was amazingly farsighted. We see clear evidence of this most every day now, with recent events in Tunisia, Egypt and now the […]

The Courage of Our Convictions: U.S. Opportunity in Mideast, Africa Turmoil

by John Paluszek| February 11, 2011

If the United States has the courage of its democratic convictions – and patience — the revolutionary turmoil in the Middle East and Africa presents an epic opportunity for sharing our fundamental values. The core stimulus of these popular uprisings is the universal yearning for freedom, human rights, open and honest government, equal opportunity, and […]

Egypt: A Revolution Made by Social Media

by Ramzi Raad| February 9, 2011

From Jon Higgins, Senior Partner and CEO, International, Ketchum: As the protests in Egypt enter a third week, the world continues to be riveted while at the same time hoping for a peaceful resolution. During this crisis, Ramzi Raad, Chairman and CEO of TBWARAAD Middle East and Ketchum Raad Middle East in Dubai, has held […]