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Creativity in Healthcare

by Nancy Hicks| December 21, 2012

The title seems like an oxymoron, yet creativity can live in the regulated land of healthcare. The challenges are significant and inherent in the culture of the industry. FDA regulation puts many restrictions on what you can say about healthcare products. Off-label claims, or claims of efficacy prior to approval are forbidden and communicators traverse […]

Creativity and the CMO

by Kelley Skoloda| December 17, 2012

“Does the PR industry lack big ideas?” Depends on who you ask. The findings of the “Holmes Creativity Index” research range from a resounding “yes,” to a lack of budget to support them often follows, to “the industry just does cookie-cutter work.” Regardless of the overall opinion of the industry and its big ideas, one […]

The Idea Lifecycle

by Sarah Unger| December 10, 2012

The best creative ideas have a lifecycle – they are born, nurtured, tested, revised, and then executed in a final display of triumph. And ideally, each person who touches this creative process gets the benefit of seeing the concept they helped develop go from vision to reality. So together, how can we make sure this […]