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What's Old With New Business

by Editor| November 23, 2010

New business proposals can be one of the most difficult challenges in public relations writing. Not only can they involve synthesizing complex communications strategies and brainstorming knock-‘em-dead ideas under short timelines, they also can involve multiple colleagues with diverse writing styles influenced by different education and experience as well as age and geography. In my […]

Stop Trying to Learn from the Experts in Social Media – to Learn You Have to Plunge In

by Robert Burnside| November 19, 2010

Ross Dawson, an expert in global social media, presenting at Ketchum’s Global Media Network conference in New York recently, started his presentation with the statement “There is no worked-out wisdom about social media that I have and can give you as the final answer. This is all so new, it is still being worked out – […]

B2B Social Media – Plus Ca Change?

by Rod Cartwright| November 17, 2010

Earlier this month on a balmy autumn morning, Ketchum Pleon had the pleasure of hosting a PRmoment conference on Social Media in B2B Communications. Adding to the resulting posts from Ben at PRmoment and others, I thought I’d share some personal reflections on what really stood out from the event and some quick research we did […]

How Facebook's New "Mobile, Social, Local" Strategy Could Make Retail Marketers' Dreams Come True

by Paige Johnson| November 12, 2010

What Was Announced? Facebook made three recent announcements (Nov. 3), including: Find Deals — Lets retailers offer rewards to Facebook users. Location Information via Places — Facebook’s answer to Foursquare is a check-in feature that lets users announce their location as a status update and tag friends. (One big difference from Foursquare is that Facebook has about 800 times […]

Who Blogs on Corporate Blogs?

by Jonathan Kopp| November 12, 2010

Since we launched the Ketchum Blog (the one you’re reading now) in June, I’ve seen a lot of great submissions and comments from contributors around the globe on a wide range of subjects, ranging from professional to personal. By my rough count, we’ve already got more than 60 posts from over 30 contributors. And based […]

Our Path to Unique Value

by Rob Flaherty| November 11, 2010

This post originally appeared in the Council of Public Relations Firms blog, the Firm Voice. As strategy gurus have told us for years, any business will have difficulty thriving if it struggles to identify and deliver unique value to the marketplace. The same is true for entire business categories, such as public relations. For several decades […]