Posts:October 2010

A Tuk Tuk Caravan for Room to Read

by Julie Ferriot| October 30, 2010

When in (Rome) Cambodia, one travels by tuk tuk. Tonight I participated in the welcome dinner for the first-ever Room to Read communications summit. More than a dozen of us were asked to assemble in the hotel lobby as we waited for our chariots – I mean, tuk tuks — to arrive and carry us across […]

Social Cred Scorecard

by Jonathan Kopp| October 29, 2010

Here (below) is my response to the “Big Agency Social Cred Scorecard” that Peter Himler has started to develop over at The Flack, his thoughtful blog about digital PR. In it, Peter lists some social media stats (number of followers on Twitter, for example) for people in digital leadership positions at some of the big PR firms, […]

The Social Media Space: Advertising vs. PR

by Jonathan Kopp| October 22, 2010

I posted the letter below in response to an Oct. 13, 2010, Ad Age article by Tom Martin titled “Why Ad Agencies Should Own Social Media.” If you’ve got a point of view on this topic, please join the conversation by commenting at the end of this blog post. We’d like to hear from you. Thanks! Without a […]

Hold On a Minute There Budding Filmmakers . . .

by Alan Danzis| October 20, 2010

I could throw amazing stats at you about how many YouTube videos are consumed every day. Or how many TV shows are watched on Hulu, via iTunes, etc. And on the PR/advertising/marketing side, I could talk about the insane numbers surrounding the Old Spice commercials, YouTube videos, etc.  But guess what? Most people have short […]

Does Health = Wealth?

by David Gallagher| October 19, 2010

This was the overarching question recently put to an advisory board serving the World Economic Forum – the Swiss-based organization behind the high-octane annual conference in Davos, with an ambition of nothing less than improving the state of the world.   I’ve had the privilege of representing Ketchum on this board for a few years now, […]

Facebook Groups and New Privacy Features

by Grant Johmann| October 11, 2010

What was announced? Facebook made three announcements this past Wednesday, but one of them was more important than the others by leaps and bounds. The latest game changer is the launch of a revised version of Facebook “Groups”. Facebook Groups allows you to build a space for important groups of people in your life – […]