Posts:January 2014

Building the Case for Sustainability with Millennials

by Barri Rafferty| January 30, 2014

Everyone agrees now that sustainability is key to growing business, but how can companies engage consumers to embrace sustainable behavior? This was the question examined at the World Economic Forum in 2012, which led to three pilot initiatives in 2013 and 2014 that focused on Milliennial consumers. One of the initiatives with which I was […]

What if “Internet of Things” Doesn’t Include the Privacy Thing?

by Geoffrey Rowan| January 28, 2014

We all got a glimpse of a smarter if not better future at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month in the Nevada desert. Smart cars, smart watches, smart TVs and refrigerators, smart washers and dryers, smart baby clothes, and every other manner of smart device. The problem, as we mark Data Privacy Day today […]

8 Key Topics from the World Economic Forum

by Barri Rafferty| January 27, 2014

I recently returned from the World Economic Forum’s annual summit in Davos, where I spent time among some of the world’s most influential people as they discussed the trends that will shape our future. With topics ranging from youth unemployment to sustainability to happiness, I thought it would be helpful to work with one of […]

Google Spells the End of Guest Blogging for SEO

by Danny Whatmough| January 24, 2014

The search world has been thrown into a slight frenzy over an announcement by Google’s chief search guru Matt Cutts, who stated earlier this week in a blog post that guest blogging “is done” as an SEO tactic. According to Cutts: “Okay, I’m calling it: if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain […]

15 PR Courses I’d Like to See

by Rob Flaherty| January 22, 2014

Ketchum hires between 300 and 400 people a year globally (Click to tweet). We have a huge vested interest in how well-prepared these people are to serve our clients. Consequently, I’m often asked by university professors what kind of courses we wish they were teaching their students. As you know, our discipline has changed so […]

10 Ted-Inspired Tips for Telling a Story

by Mindy Rubinstein| January 20, 2014

Last month I had the privilege of attending the TEDWomen “Invented Here” conference in San Francisco. After listening to powerful sessions focused on everything from novel ways to address poverty to new approaches to leadership, I left the event feeling inspired and energized. Since then, I’ve thought a lot about what made the talks so […]