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Digital Crisis – How to Make Likes Stronger than Fails?

by Wallace Baldo| January 26, 2012

Many social media crises could be averted or diminished. Digital communicators and marketers certainly know several tips about how to avoid one of the greatest fears of customers: the infamous “fail” hashtag, which inhibits investment and undermines reputations. But when a crisis happens, how to ensure that the damage is the lowest possible?

A Corporate Blogging Tip to Remember

by Ryan Shell| January 6, 2012

When it comes to blogging, creating and designing a blog is the easy part. The hard part is filling it with content on a routine basis, and in a corporate environment that can be incredibly challenging. Why? Because people already have their normal duties and now you are asking that they add more to their […]

The Importance of Consistent Messaging During a Crisis

by Editor| January 5, 2012

John Bailey is Managing Director of ICON International Communications, Ketchum’s exclusive affiliate partner in Singapore and Australia. SMRT, the publicly listed operator of Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transport system, became the latest company to discover the power of “citizen journalists” when it suffered the worst breakdown in its operating history on December 15th. The breakdown, which happened just […]