How to Gain and Keep Your Seat at the Table

Create communications plans that deliver the experiences your audiences want and the business impact your C-suite expects with this free guide to precision communications planning.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • A five-stage process for creating, delivering and optimizing communications plans
  • Tips for developing Communications goals that include alignment to organizational goals, stakeholders and KPIs
  • Insights for identifying, analyzing and using the right data to determine audiences, channels, messaging and distribution
  • How to apply measurement and optimization to determine success or opportunities to improve
  • Collaboration opportunities and operational benefits of using an insights-driven approach to communications


The communications professional’s role has evolved and broadened in recent years, and that has put them in the C-suite’s spotlight like never before. The good news is this is elevating the importance of communications as a key priority within the organization. But with that visibility comes accountability, requiring communications programs to deliver measurable contributions towards organizational goals.

Communications outcomes have typically been judged subjectively often due to a lack of data necessary to provide evidence of its impact, making it difficult for comms leaders to have meaningful conversations with data-driven organizational leaders. In today’s world, C-suite expects to evaluate communications performance in a manner like other functional and operational areas of the organization. As a communications leader, are you ready for that level of scrutiny?

In this guide, we’ll help you understand how data and insights can contribute to more strategic and precise communications planning that can inform the business conversations you need have and deliver on the business goals you need to meet.

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