50 Looks Good on You, Super Bowl

gr-50-yard-line-blogFor 50 years, the world has stopped for one glorious afternoon every February. From can’t-forget plays, to live wardrobe malfunctions, to ads so funny you’ll never forget—it’s safe to say the Super Bowl is a memorable time. This year, however, the game is changing. Brands and marketers are deep in a last minute scramble to make sure that 50 is a birthday that Super Bowl revelers will never forget. Here are the four biggest trends we’re noticing this year (click to tweet):

Come On, Get Happy
Gone are the serious, tear-jerker, totally “bum you out” creative. This year, the commentary is much more focused on a lighthearted and celebratory tone—something that viewers crave after a few themes last year hit a little too hard.

Gone to the Dogs
What’s happier than a cute dog? Dogs are nothing new for Super Bowl creative, but it’s safe to say they’re having their day more than ever before. Ads with dogs (or animals for that matter) in them continually outperform other themes—and it’s no big secret why.

Benefits vs. Features
Yes, $5 million is a lot to spend just to be entertaining. But give the people what they want! A recent study by eMarketer for the National Retail Foundation, found that 77% of respondents say Super Bowl commercials are merely just for entertainment. When it comes to making sure the brand attributes come through—it’s important to focus on benefits and not just features. What about this brand makes you feel good, look better, and be at your best? That’s what they’ll remember.

Second Screen Wars
According to the Consumer Technology Association, more than three-quarters (88 percent) of millennials engage with their “second screen” devices (that mobile device you can’t peel away from WHILE you’re watching television) while consuming other content. Brands and marketers will be fighting more than ever before to grab and hold the attention of consumers wherever their eyes are drawn. We know because we have a few things up our sleeve for our clients—will you be joining us on the second screen this Sunday?