2012 Year in Review and a Look Ahead to 2013

Ketchum enjoyed many successes in 2012, the highlights of which can be found in our 2012 Ketchum Year in Review. In it you will find photos, an awards infographic and two videos, one of which looks back on Ketchum’s cornerstone news, events, and achievements of 2012, and the other of which looks forward to trends in 2013.

The video below anticipates trends  in 2013 and features Ketchum’s CEO, Rob Flaherty, alongside the leaders of Ketchum’s global practices, who each add their insights on what to expect in the coming year in their respective areas of expertise. Rob outlines four trends of particular importance including the need for transparency in an era of instant feedback loops, the evolving definition of news in which people expect news to come to them as opposed to actively seeking it out, the importance of boundless creativity to inspire break through ideas, and the necessity for big data to ensure effective measurement and analytical forecasting.

View the video to learn more about these trends and others pertaining to technology, brands, leadership, nutrition, and healthcare.