Nikon: Targeting Photographers

Communicating to photography hobbyist and beginner audiences about the brilliance of Nikon lenses for certain tasks.

We worked with carefully selected Instagram influencers with the ‘best fit’ audiences across Nikon’s three key European markets (UK, France and Germany).

The influencers used Nikon lenses to complete a creative photography challenge, visually bringing to life the product benefits. They also talked about the lenses with accompanying copy.


  • We partnered with 18 Instagram influencers over 3 campaigns: Nature, Halloween and Landscapes
  • Through our influencers, we generated over 1.5 million impressions and 200,000 engagements
  • Our overall engagement rate of 12% was double the Instagram average for ‘good’ engagement
  • Influencer content was also repurposed for Nikon’s own social media channels, where it also significantly over-performed versus other Nikon content