WKNÖ Fleischer: Apprenticeship-Campaign for Lower Austrian Butchers

In 2020, we implemented a highly successful apprenticeship campaign for the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce, for the guild of butchers. The aim was to create awareness of the two apprenticeships for butchers, to encourage young people to actively apply. Different butchers demonstrated – from apprentices to young masters to experienced butchers – that the butchery profession offers what our target group is looking for. Our key messages were: This apprenticeship combines craftsmanship, creativity, technology and lots of contact with people with a high practical component. Our activities included adding a dedicated, informative apprenticeship microsite to the guild’s website and updating publicly available information about these apprenticeships on various regional websites. Success stories were added and current events from the industry were published. We also contacted regional butchers with a circular letter informing them about the Chamber of Commerce’s apprenticeship campaign. This also included a description of the specific services offered by the guild to find apprentices and an appeal to report open apprenticeship positions. We then addressed the young people themselves and their parents directly via social media channels and created and launched a creative campaign for both different target groups.