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Sounds of the Underground

"Whoever wins Eurovision, it feels like a victory for Ukraine, the UK and for Liverpool."

Irena Taranyuk, BBC Radio Merseyside

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, buskers have been robbed of their spots, so their music has literally gone to the underground. But it’s not just their music that has been taken; it is also their livelihoods.

In partnership with Merseyrail and Supplies for Ukraine C.I.C., we enabled Ukrainian buskers to reclaim their audience by offering busking spots in Liverpool’s busiest metro stations during Eurovision. Each busking spot featured a speaker streaming the artist’s music and a QR code for passers-by to donate to the cause and hear their stories. To help their music reach wider audiences, we curated ​a Spotify playlist and filmed their inspiring stories in Ukraine.​

Results included 41+ pieces of coverage​, £3000+ in donations​ and 1,500+ listens on Spotify. The donations we raised for the non-profit, allowed them to purchase 60 life-saving trauma kits, being delivered directly to the people who need it. All through the power of music.


Alfie Roberts

Senior Research Manager


Pro-bono, in partnership with Merseyrail, Supplies for Ukraine C.I.C.