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We Should All Take Time Out Of Our Day For Play – It’s Good For Us

When I think about play, I always used to assume it was an activity solely for young children, a staple of my childhood and something I had to give up as I grew up and entered the real world.

This may sound surprising, but most of us participate in play-based activities, whether we know it or not. At some point, we may have taken part in team bonding exercises at work, enjoyed games nights with our families and friends, or played Candy Crush on our morning commutes.

National Playday 2022 will be celebrated on the 3rd of August. This year’s theme is ‘all to play for’. The day aims to highlight that play is for everyone and draw attention to how often it happens all around us.

Play can be used to develop critical skills, form relationships with others, and benefit our mental and physical health – at any age. If you’re a parent or caregiver, you may think play requires more time, but play can be found anywhere from anything. Just watch this video to see how our client The LEGO Foundation turned the most boring room into a playful, learning experience.

As communication professionals, we know play can be beneficial to stimulate ideas and creativity, while alleviating stress and allowing us to switch off and spend quality time with those around us. This National Playday, appreciate those playful moments, and use it an opportunity to figure out how play could benefit you.

Those that know me know I love to dance, so this National Playday, my #PlayPledge will be to dance to one of my favourite songs as I get ready for work in the morning – and now I’ve written it here, I will have to stick to it. What’s yours?

Holly Bray, Senior Account Executive – Corporate Reputation