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Today, Ketchum and the Mayor of London’s office has united in a pro-bono campaign to get young Londoners vaccinated. The ‘Vax-Cam’ digital campaign is inspired by NBA ‘Kiss Cams’, and sees real Londoners getting the vaccine in a series of short digital vignettes. As they celebrate their world opening up, the screen fills with joyous animations as cartoon stickers, with phrases such as “Happy Jab Day.” Devised and designed by Ketchum, the campaign the campaign highlights the vital role the jab plays in easing restrictions and enabling people to return to doing the things they love, and seeing the people they have missed. One of the cornerstones of Ketchum’s philosophy is to do work that matters. And driving the uptake of vaccines really matters, so we approached the Mayor of London’s office with the creative because we wanted help make a difference in the fight against Covid and play our part. The campaign will go live across OOH sites in London and we are really looking forward to seeing it make a difference. We are super-proud of it and we hope you are too.