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INs and OUTs for 2024

Explore the impactful journey of Ketchum UK’s Inclusion Council, founded in 2018, actively shaping our culture and fuelling business growth.

With a diverse composition reflecting varied levels, experiences, races, sexualities, and neurodivergent traits, the council is an advisory body and a driving force behind initiatives to propel our DE&I mission.

IN for 2024
  • Embrace preferred pronouns in email signatures
  • Volunteer for meaningful causes
  • Recognise paid leave for caregivers
  • Respect cultural celebrations, practices and diets
  • Embrace neurodiversity awareness
  • Use gender-inclusive language
  • Prioritise correct name pronunciation and spelling
  • Ensure equal voice regardless of background
  • Respect personal boundaries and foster an open mind
  • Implement robust accessibility measures
OUT for 2024
  • Empty DE&I commitments
  • Restrictive working hours
  • Guarding against inclusive ‘washing’ and tokenism
  • Cultural, gender, or religious assumptions
  • Hyper-isolation working to drive change


Authored by Bayley Kite and Letitia Thomas.