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Ketchum At Cannes

Ketchum London and Iceland Foods lead Cannes Lions PR wins!

In just one year, Ketchum and Iceland Foods formed a partnership focused on shared values and being a force for good. The highlight of this collaboration is the Iceland Food Club, a program that offers interest-free microloans to address short-term food insecurity. The PR team, and its partners Fair For You and Think Communications secured extensive media coverage, generating 1.6 billion impressions and earning praise from Bloomberg UK. Within the first week, over 50,000 Iceland customers applied to the Food Club, and daily loan applications now average 4,000. The campaign received global recognition, winning a coveted Gold Lion in Creative Commerce and three additional awards at Cannes. With over 1,600 entries, being among the 10% of shortlisted campaigns is a remarkable achievement. Richard Walker, Executive Chairman at Iceland Foods, acknowledges Ketchum’s instrumental role in their success, emphasizing the importance of the ongoing partnership in furthering their CSR commitments.

Award-winning campaign spotlights women’s health and gender sleep gap.

#Periodsomnia has picked up a Gold Lion in Health & Wellness. The campaign sheds light on the struggles women+ face during night-time periods, causing them to lose 5 months of sleep over a lifetime due to discomfort, anxiety, and fear. Insights from a global study by Ketchum Analytics, involving 10,000 women, led to the term #Periodsomnia, encompassing the various challenges like bleeding, dreaming, bloating, and tossing and turning. The campaign addresses the issue with beauty and empathy, aiming to close the gender sleep gap and provide comfort and community to millions of women+. It launched in 32 markets, gained extensive coverage, and drove market share growth. 63% of women+ were influenced to try Goodnight pads after seeing #Periodsomnia.

Periodsomnia was led by AMV BBDO, Somesuch, Ketchum UK & Zenith

Jo-ann Robertson shares her thoughts on awards submissions and future impact on the industry.

“You don’t need to over-exaggerate or overclaim – it diminishes the work and does the opposite of what you want it to do, because it becomes inauthentic. Tell the story simply, tell the truth and tell it in an engaging way”​

– Jo-ann Robertson, CEO, Global Markets & 2023 PR Lions Jury President

Meta invited Sera Holland to a panel discussion on inter-sectional representation in the comms industry.

“Despite the fact that women account for around 80% of all consumer purchase decisions, we are still underrepresented in ads. Historically not all women have been represented as positively and authentically as we’d all like either, and yet we have proof of the commercial and creative effectiveness of the impact of positive representation.”

Sera Holland, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Global Markets

Indy Selvarajah shares valuable insights on enhancing brand creativity and discussing the impact of AI.

“Don’t be afraid to break the model. Introduce creative shootouts, give people a seat at the table. This will give everyone a fair chance.”

Indy Selvarajah, Chief Creative Officer, Global Markets