Ketchum Launches Vital Health, Helping Healthcare Brands Become Healthier Themselves

Ketchum Launches Vital Health, Helping Healthcare Brands Become Healthier Themselves


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Suite of Services Includes Vital Diagnostic, Which Uses Predictive Analytics to Help Health Sector Clients Assess Comprehensive Brand Health

NEW YORK, July 17, 2018 – Leading global communications consultancy Ketchum today unveiled its Vital Health suite of services, designed to help companies in the health sector find the root causes of their complex challenges and then imagine bold communications solutions that provide the best of health and business outcomes at the same time. The Vital Health suite features the intelligence and expertise of Ketchum Health specialists, infused with communications specialty services that include Ketchum Influencer Marketing, Ketchum 50+ and Also launching today as part of the Vital Health suite is the Vital Diagnostic tool, fueled by advanced predictive analytics and management consulting methods, which provides companies with a 360-degree view of brand health to help shape effective marketing and communications strategies.

“According to a recent study, 71 percent of Americans say the U.S. healthcare system is ‘in a state of crisis’ or ‘has major problems,’ which indicates a confidence crisis in the industry,” said Tom Jones, SVP and managing director of Ketchum Health. “Just as health providers are committed to improving patient outcomes, we are committed to helping those companies succeed in improving the health of their business. Our Vital Health services are geared toward helping our clients succeed in their mission of improving health using the most advanced tools on the market.”

The Vital Diagnostic draws upon the expertise of Ketchum Health’s industry experts, Ketchum Analytics and Ketchum’s change management consultancy Daggerwing Group. The tool evaluates nine dimensions to determine a brand’s Vital Health Score: transparency, innovation, compliance, integration, social responsibility, patient-centricity, employer of choice, quality and industry leadership. Based on the Vital Health Score, Ketchum’s health experts provide a roadmap to optimize the company’s or brand’s marketing and communications strategies, while continuously monitoring the issues, influencers, stakeholder and social activity that matters most across the health and digital ecosystem.

The Vital Diagnostic is fueled by proprietary methods and tools, including Daggerwing Group’s Liquid Change tool, which helps organizations drive effective change; Ketchum Analytics’ Reputation Management Methodology, which uses predictive analytics to determine causal impact on brands’ vital health; and Ketchum’s Social Listening and Influencer ID Methodology, which uses a proprietary influencer identification algorithm that prioritizes influencers based on relevance to an audience and category.

“The health sector is being redefined by a growing range of constituents, due in large part to social sharing, advocacy and peer-to-peer influence. For that reason, it is imperative to pinpoint the aspects of a health company’s corporate or product brand that are most critical to its consumers,” said Mary Elizabeth Germaine, EVP and managing director of Ketchum Analytics. “The Vital Diagnostic goes further than determining the correlation between brand health drivers and critical business outcomes – it uses advanced predictive analytics to actually determine causation. We helped one of the largest hospitals in the country gain its vital advantage by using the Vital Diagnostic to identify the top three messages that predicted desired behaviors, ultimately increasing both brand awareness and patient volume as a result.”

Ketchum Health is one of the firm’s 14 core industry sectors established in its recent shift to a communications consultancy model, which also offers a health services industry expertise, led by Kelly Calabria, EVP and director of Ketchum Health Services. Recently recognized as Creative Agency of the Year, Ketchum has won multiple awards this year for health industry programs, including Cannes Lions and a One Show Award for its work with the National Safety Council on a campaign designed to reverse the deadly trend in opioid overdoses.

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