Ketchum Introduces Reputation Management and Public Affairs Expertise for Trade Associations and Nonprofits

Ketchum Introduces Reputation Management and Public Affairs Expertise for Trade Associations and Nonprofits


Alicia Stetzer


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WASHINGTON, D.C., June 4, 2019 – Leading communications consultancy Ketchum today announced it is enhancing its suite of services for trade associations and nonprofits, providing reputation management and public affairs expertise designed for the challenges trade associations and nonprofits face in representing their industries in today’s complex legislative, regulatory and budgeting environment.

The current policy deadlock has caused many nonprofits and trade associations to struggle to adapt their advocacy focus from the legislative arena to the regulatory arena. According to a recent survey, 55 percent of trade association and nonprofit CEOs believe regulatory and compliance costs will increase for their members.

Through a customizable suite of services, Ketchum provides trade association and nonprofit leadership with the tools they need to advance their agendas. Services include governance and bylaw consultation, value proposition and narrative development, public affairs positioning, communications plan development, issue advocacy, stakeholder mapping, issue monitoring and tracking, third party and ally development, rebranding and crisis management.

Ketchum’s experts are focused on helping trade association and nonprofit leaders manage through three key areas of growing need:

  • Creating a value proposition that retains and attracts members. Comprehensive diagnostics include evaluating if an organization’s value proposition is resonating with current and prospective members, whether its fee structure is relevant and competitive, whether its governance is effective and efficient in achieving the goals of the organization, and whether its brand is relevant, timely and aligned with its mission and values.
  • Creating and deploying communications strategies to breakthrough in complex legislative and regulatory environments. Ketchum’s communication strategy development starts with research and covers message development, media and stakeholder relations, and digital and social campaigns to reach targeted audiences.
  • Legislative tracking and preparation for industry scrutiny and reputational risks. This includes conducting a vulnerability assessment and development of an engagement strategy, in addition to legislative tracking and monitoring that provides insights on the federal, state and local levels.

KayAnn Schoeneman, Ketchum’s marketplace leader for Washington, D.C., and director, Public Affairs, said, “In this complex and unpredictable legislative and regulatory environment, serving as the voice of your industry is more important than ever. Trade association and nonprofit leaders must demonstrate a compelling value proposition to retain and attract members while also being good stewards of the limited and hard-earned resources. Organizations making an impact know when they need to lead, how to advance their ideas, and how to effectively demonstrate and report a return on their members’ investments. This builds on Ketchum’s years of experience serving industry trade associations and nonprofits to provide the tools leaders need to help them better serve their members and protect their reputations.”

This area of expertise is led by Schoeneman in partnership with John Bradbury, partner and managing director, Issues & Crisis.

Bradbury added, “With this complete approach to guide leaders through this complex geopolitical landscape, trade associations and nonprofits voice will carry, have an impact and lead to successful outcomes for their members.”

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